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Chris Gibbs

Trial Graphic Consultant



Chris Gibbs

Trial Graphic Consultant

With over 14 years of experience in the litigation support industry, Chris has worked on 600+ litigation matters nationwide, consulting and creating presentations for trials, arbitrations, and mediations.

He has seen first-hand how the right graphics can make complex issues easier for the audience to understand, as well as make a presentation more compelling and memorable.


Chris is devoted to your team around the clock and is committed to help you develop high-quality, professionally customized trial presentations and graphics.

Trial Presentation Services


Presentation Design

Visuals can significantly improve any argument by capturing the attention of the jury. They can help emphasize and summarize key points of evidence while making you look compelling, convincing and professional. In today’s highly competitive litigation climate, an effective presentation requires visuals that make your case more understandable and memorable.

Presentation Support

Imagine how much more powerful your narrative will be when using technology to present demonstrative evidence. Today’s technology allows you to store, retrieve and display exhibits, documents, video, photos, graphics and animations. In addition, the technology can easily annotate, erase and magnify any form of demonstrative evidence.

Video Clips

Taking time to understand your unique goals and requirements helps determine the most effective visuals for your situation. Integrating exhibits, expert testimony, video and documents will help you clearly teach complex legal concepts, tell your story, communicate key facts, and undermine the opposition’s arguments.

Virtual Litigation Support

In today’s courtroom, the use of audio-visual technology is not only beneficial, but often crucial to the success of your case. Outdated, dysfunctional, or improper equipment can severely impact your case. Being equipped with modern, cutting-edge technology will help you strengthen your case and leave a great impression.

Onsite Litigation Support

There’s no need to try to communicate remotely. Chris is available to travel to assist you in litigation matters nationwide creating custom presentations and graphics. He is devoted exclusively to the trial team for the duration of trial and provides all of your graphic and presentation needs around the clock.

3D Modeling & Animations

Certain cases may have important facts and details that would benefit from a 3D environment or animation. Animations serve as an educational tool, helping experts and witnesses to be able to graphically tell a powerful story. With animations, you can provide cutaway views, recreate products or medical procedures in full 3D detail.





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